Selenium Quiz (Set 1)

Selenium (Set 1)

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Which programming interface in Selenium provides a way to execute JavaScript commands within the context of the current browser window?

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What does the term 'headless' mean in the context of Selenium?

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Which method is used to simulate mouse actions like right-clicking using the Actions class in Selenium?

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What is the purpose of the 'Page Object Model (POM)' in Selenium testing?

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Which programming construct is used to locate elements on a web page using Selenium WebDriver?

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What is the purpose of 'Implicit Waits' in Selenium WebDriver?

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Which component of Selenium allows you to write test scripts in a more human-readable format?

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What is the purpose of the 'WebDriver' in Selenium?

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Which programming languages can be used to write Selenium scripts?

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What is Selenium primarily used for?

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