Cookie Policy

Understanding Cookies

A “cookie” refers to a small file that includes a unique identifier made up of a combination of letters and numbers. This file is transmitted from a web server to a web browser, where it is then stored by the browser. Every time the browser requests a page from the server, this identifier is sent back. The purpose of cookies lies in their ability to assist web servers in recognizing and monitoring users as they navigate across different pages on a website. Moreover, cookies help in identifying users who revisit a particular website. It’s important to note that cookies generally don’t contain personal information that can directly identify an individual user. However, it’s possible that personal data stored about a user might be linked to information stored within and obtained from cookies.

When you interact with Skilledengg, both Skilledengg itself and third-party entities employ cookies to track and monitor certain actions you take on and off the Skilledengg website. These cookies also store and retrieve some data related to your browsing history and how you use the website.

Two primary types of cookies are utilized: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies have a short lifespan and expire after a brief period or when you close your browser. They help in recognizing you during a single browsing session, such as when you log into Skilledengg. On the other hand, persistent cookies remain saved in your browser for a specific timeframe. They play a role in identifying you over an extended period, like when you request to stay signed in.

This policy serves to outline the utilization of cookies both within and outside the Skilledengg Website by Skilledengg and other third-party entities. Additionally, it provides information on how you can exercise greater control over cookies. It’s important to be aware that adjusting your approach to cookies may impact your experience with our platform and may result in certain features being limited, such as remaining logged in as a user.

Why do we use Cookies

We wish to inform you that our website,, employs cookies with the intent of enhancing the user experience in alignment with individual preferences. We utilize cookies as well as analogous technologies like web beacons, pixel tags, and local shared objects (commonly referred to as “flash cookies”) to deliver, assess, and optimize our services across diverse dimensions.

The application of these cookies extends to both website interactions conducted via browsers and those conducted through our mobile app. Furthermore, as we embrace further technological advancements, we may also amass supplementary data via alternative methods.

The rationales for our cookie usage encompass:

  • User Authentication: Validating the authenticity of individuals seeking access to specific user accounts.
  • Personalized Experiences: Tailoring behaviors within our Products and/or Services to align with the actions or preferences of users navigating distinct sections of the website.
  • Customization Options: Granting users the ability to opt out of particular types of modeling, customization, or personalization within our offerings.
  • Service Facilitation: Provision and management of our Services, including the presentation of personalized content and the facilitation of communication between users.
  • Operational Support: Sustaining the day-to-day functioning of our Advertising and Marketing departments.
  • Technical Enhancement: Assisting in the diagnosis and rectification of downtime, glitches, and errors in our code to ensure the optimal functioning of our products.
  • User Identification: Discerning individual users to attribute diverse activities during interactions with different segments of the site.
  • Data Retention: Storing information about your browser and preferences.
  • Settings Recall: Remembering your preferences and selections made on our website.

Our commitment to cookies stems from the desire to improve the services we offer by aligning them with your preferences and activities. By navigating, you acknowledge and consent to the use of these cookies for these outlined purposes.

Utilizing Google Analytics for Insightful Data

Our advertising agencies and partners, such as Google, employ cookies to display contextually relevant advertisements on our website,

Google Analytics, a robust and widely embraced traffic analysis tool by Google, empowers website owners with profound and real-time insights into their site’s usageā€”its extent and the audience involved.

At, we harness the capabilities of Google Analytics to gauge site traffic, visitor patterns, and to enhance service delivery. The tool helps us better comprehend user interactions, paving the way for service enhancements. For an in-depth understanding of data shared with Google, its processing methods, and your control over the information amassed by Google on, you can refer to the details provided at

In tandem with personalized data, certain anonymized data concerning your visit is automatically collected upon visiting the website. This data encompasses your Internet service provider’s name and the Internet Protocol (IP) address through which you connect to the Internet. Furthermore, it encompasses the date and time of your site access, the pages navigated during your visit, occasional geographical data, and the web address of the site from which you directly linked to ours. Your IP address may also be employed to deduce your affiliated organization. The utilization of this anonymous information lies in the enhancement of the website, trend analysis, and site administration.

Rest assured, our integration of Google Analytics is geared towards refining your experience on by acquiring actionable insights while preserving your privacy.

What Data We Gather

At, we collect specific data directly from you. This encompasses the information you personally input, data detailing your engagement in courses, and data from third-party platforms you link with our platform. Additionally, we automatically gather some data, including details about your device and your interaction with different segments of our Services.

Much like personalized information, certain anonymous data is automatically logged during your visit to the website. This data encompasses your Internet service provider’s name and the Internet Protocol (IP) address through which you access the Internet. Also included are the date and time of your site access, the specific pages you explore, occasional geographical data, and the web address of the site from which you directly navigated to ours. Your IP address may also aid in deducing your affiliated organization. This anonymous data serves to enhance the website, analyze trends, and administer its functionalities.

Furthermore, we might observe your interactions with the website. This involves tracking the pages you visit, the content you peruse, and the comments you contribute. This data is retained in conjunction with your website profile, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of your interactions with

Exploring Privacy Preferences

On, we offer you various choices to safeguard your privacy. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, you have the flexibility to adjust your browser settings to reject cookies. You can refer to the support resources provided by your browser for guidance on making these adjustments. However, it’s important to acknowledge that opting to decline cookies may limit your ability to sign in, personalize, or engage with certain interactive features available through our Services.

To customize your experience with Google Analytics’ display advertising or tailor Google Display Network ads according to your preferences, you can explore the Google Ads Settings page.

For comprehensive insights into targeting cookies and instructions on how to deactivate them, you can visit This resource provides valuable information on managing your browsing experience in a privacy-conscious manner.

Policy Updates and Contact Details

Occasionally, revisions may be made to this Cookie Policy on Should such changes occur, we will communicate this to you by publishing the updated policy on our website, along with a new effective date. In the event of substantial modifications, we will make reasonable efforts to provide you with prior notification of the intended alterations.

Should you have inquiries regarding our utilization of cookies, feel free to reach out to us via Contact Us page. We are here to address any concerns you may have regarding this matter.