Understanding the Basic Directory Structure

Maven enforces a specific directory structure for projects to maintain consistency and simplify project management.

5.1 Project Structure

A typical Maven project follows the following directory structure:

├── src/
│   ├── main/
│   │   ├── java/         # Java source files
│   │   ├── resources/    # Non-Java resources
│   │   └── webapp/       # Web application files (for web projects)
│   └── test/
│       ├── java/         # Test source files
│       └── resources/    # Test resources
├── target/               # Compiled classes and generated artifacts
├── pom.xml                # Project Object Model (POM) file

The pom.xml file, located at the project root, defines the project’s configuration, dependencies, and build process. The src/main directory contains the main source code, while src/test holds test-related code.

5.2 Customizing the Structure

While Maven encourages this structure, it can be customized as needed. You can modify the directory layout to suit project requirements, but adhering to the recommended structure simplifies project management and collaboration.

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